Rules and Regulations

We encourage all our wrestlers to be respectful towards eachother and the facilities we are priviledged to use. Parents are allowed to observe practice but not instruct or coach wrestlers during practice. If there is somethine that needs to be addressed please let one of the coaches know.

A great way to help your wrestler is to reinforce the techniques at home or at your school’s open mat sessions. This allows for fair and proper instruction for all the wrestlers. We also encourage parents to communicate with coaches concerning areas that their wrestler needs to improve on before or after practice. We will do our best to facilitate every wrestlers needs.

Attendance is done on an individual basis.  You do not need to inform the coach that you will be missing a practice unless you are a Glenwood Wrestler.  We have an open membership. You can come to as many practices as you can make.  As with any sport, the more you put into it the more you get out of it.