Our Facilities

Wrestling Facility

GLENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL AND WRESTLING ROOM: AWA has great facilities with plenty of room for large and small practice numbers. The Glenwood wrestling room is elevated on box springs to minimize impact and chance of injury. All 4 walls are also padded around the entire room.
The wrestling room is also located next to the weight room which is utilized by all sports including wrestling. Lockerooms, restrooms, and a common areas are located directly east and west of the wrestling room entrance.

OUTSIDE: We will go outside when the weather cooperates. This is a great change of pace and the kids enjoy it.

WEST GYMNASIUM: Glenwood High School also utilizes the West Gymnasium for varsity, junior varsity, and offseason tournaments starting in the 2013-2014 season. The West Gym holds 4 full size mats and plenty of seating for any tournament or dual.

EAST GYMNASIUM: The East Gymnasium is where Glenwood High School hosts all home duals.  The duals are wrestled under a 1,000 watt spotlight illuminating the wrestling circle only with the rest of the lights turned off.  It creates a unique and entertaining atmosphere for our wrestlers.  This facility may be used for AWA if we have an overflow of wrestlers or simulate a dual meet atmosphere for practice.